Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday: We have new bubbles! (8/16/10)

The living room being prepared...  Reuben's looking really stirred up about all this activity, isn't he?

The living room bubble is up!  (Reuben was so eager to get in there, I had to keep him in the bedroom.)

The living room bubble from the side...

And this is how the inside of the living room bubble wound up at the end of the day.  They removed the stone, cleaned it pretty well and carried it out through the basement.  They're trying to preserve all the stone they can for reuse.  And thank goodness they preserved the fireplace grate and the piece of wood!  (The fireplace hasn't been used since I've lived here - Jack said the chimney design doesn't draw air properly.)

The is the basement bubble...

And this is how the inside of the bubble wound up.  They removed the bookshelves and are keeping them aside to put back up later.  They weren't the most beautiful bookshelves, but they were certainly kept in good use.

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