Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday: A footingful day (8/24/10)

Another way to view the mounds from the front:  first on the right is the new carport, then back to the courtyard garden, then, in front of the stone wall, the dining room.  This was the day they poured the footings for those walls.

The front foundation to support the carport (parallel to the street)...

Next back is the foundation for the back wall of the carport - also the front wall of the courtyard.

This is for the back wall of the courtyard - also the front wall of the dining room.

This is the footing for the wall along the side of the courtyard and dining room.

This footing wraps around the inside corner of the carport.  A stucco wall will be between the cars (Chevy Novas, right?) and the new entrance.

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