Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday: Framed walls and window spaces (10/22/10)

On Friday, they put up the hallway wall where there will be three huge square windows looking from the entryway/hallway into the courtyard garden.

They also framed the side wall of the dining room, which will have a long floor-to-ceiling window next to the stone wall.

Another view from the hallway, where you'll be able to see into the dining room.

A neighbor had told us that the original siding on the house was redwood, so we'd been really looking forward to seeing this beautiful wood covered up by our ugly cream-yellow vinyl siding.  Turns out they'd painted the wood an even uglier shade of yellow.

But we weren't here for most of that.  We went to a sample sale at a lighting store in DC and bought this lamp for the new dining room.  (We only bought one...)  We also met the sweetest white boxer who roams the store.  Sheila said, "Why do you only ever do exciting stuff while I'm in school?!"

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