Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday: Rain recovery (10/28/10)

After a much more thorough job with the tarps (and a quick run to buy more tarps on their part), we seem to be out of the danger zone.

So we're back into our bubble boy status.  This is the view out of our existing dining room windows.

And this is the view from inside our new hallway, for the moment.

And here, I was standing close to the fireplace wall in the living room to take this photo.  They've removed the railing and balustrades (am I using these terms correctly?) around the basement stairwell.  The framing is a temporary support system to support the roof joists when they cut away for the raised ceiling.  (Isn't that wallpaper on the far wall lovely?)

These are the supports they've added to the joists along the line where they'll cut away for the raised ceiling.

Anything slightly raised from the floor will serve Reuben well as a pillow.  He was quite happy here...

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