Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday: Ich liebe meinen neuen Kühlschrank! Es ist fabelhaft! (10/05/10)

We brought home our newest baby, a Liebherr refrigerator (thus the German above, thanks to Google Traslator).  It's counter-depth, and all refrigerator.  We use our regular freezer so little on a day-to-day basis, so we decided we'll move our full-size freezer from the basement to the new pantry, and just have this in the kitchen.

And we got it on E-bay, for a third of the retail price, from a distributor in Baltimore.  Brand new and never been used - he supposed it was returned because someone ordered the wrong model.  And indeed, it's in perfect condition.  *whew*

We were going to order stainless, but this is made to have a custom panel on the front.  (The marks you see on the door are from tape - not scratch-and-dent.)  So we could do a stainless steel panel, or get a panel to match the cabinets...

Or we could do a whiteboard front...  (I think this picture is an Amana that's made with a whiteboard finish.)

Or we could do a chalkboard front...  (I don't remember where I got this blurry photo.)

Jack will want to make a vertical garden wall on the panel, if we give him enough time to think about it.

But I wanted to let Caroline know it has a feature that makes you Super Cool (to be read with a heavy French accent).

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