Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday: Mostly roofed (11/12/10)

I accidentally left my camera in the truck, then asked Jack to take the truck while he was on travel.  I woke up Thursday morning and realized I'd be without my camera for a couple of days, while it sat at the airport - sorry!

They laid the SIPs roof panels, here in the living room, looking toward the fireplace...

...and this is looking toward the basement stairwell.  There's a bit of the old roofline left above the stairs, which will wind up being closed in.  There will be a little office area built in where the ladders are leaning, which we'll be able to close off with a sliding barn door.

This is looking down the new hallway toward the street.

This is looking into the new dining room.

They finished off the top of the chimney...

...are working on connecting the rooflines...

...and here, the stone carries in on the sides of the fireplace.

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