Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thursday: OK, I think I'm ready to talk about it. (11/4/10)

This is what the living room looked like Wednesday afternoon.  The SIPs roof panel installation didn't happen on Wednesday, so the guys spent about two full hours tarping the house because the rain was supposed to start late Wednesday night and continue pretty much until early Friday.

I woke up to find this over the courtyard garden.

This is the one I thought would burst.

This is the one that did.  I'll never forget the sound - it was like an amazingly loud fffwwwwoooOOOOOSH!!!  After shrieking and running in many small circles while flailing my hands, unfortunately in front of Sheila before she left for school, I started madly raising computer equipment and power strips off the floor of our new kitchen/dining room/office in the basement, directly below the now flooded living room.  Water started streaming down the walls, out of the heating vents and light fixtures, and onto the printer and scanner.  Amazingly, I think only the ceiling in the basement room took damage.

The guys swept in and spent hours mopping, wet-vaccing (sp?), and re-structuring the tarp supports.  So that's enough about Thursday.

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