Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday: More framing (11/9/10)

On Tuesday, they made the form for the concrete hearth.

It's pretty interesting to see how they made it, to support the weight.

This photo was taken standing in the front hallway.  You can see a sliver of the inside of the old front door on the right.  So the room on the left used to be the office, but will serve as the pantry.  There will be double swinging doors, and to the left some cabinets, countertop and second sink.  To the right of the swinging doors will be either tall storage or a tall bookshelf.

This picture was taken from the old dining room, which will become the new entryway.  The two openings on the left are doors to closets.  The third opening on the right will be swinging doors going into the kitchen.

And we're all relieved to hear that the vet thinks it's likely that Reuben's lump in an abscess.  We should know more on Friday.

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