Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday: Merry Emancipation Day! (4/15/11)

There was an absolute blur of activity at the house today.  Maybe because no one had to complete their taxes by midnight on April 15th, in honor of Emancipation Day in the District, they were able to apply themselves to this project?  Or maybe not.

When I left the house in the morning, the stucco guys were working furiously and the builder's guys were prowling the roof.  When I got back with an armload of groceries, I was instructed to be very careful coming in through the front door, because this was in the way - the old dining room exterior wall!

The old kitchen window is gone...

The old exterior siding is off...  (The old front door opening is directly to my right as I took this photo.)

By mid-day, the stucco guys were gone.  I'm guessing they're done with the base coat, but I'm not really sure.  This will not neccessarily be the same color as the final coat.

The carport - it looks better already.

The outside of the courtyard garden...

And the inside.

As if a tornado had hit, our old front door is now front lawn decor.

As a matter of fact, our front yard is much more full than it was in that "before" picture I took on Wednesday.

By about 3:30 that afternoon, much of the old exterior wall was gone.  The wall which had housed the kitchen window and the old front door is mostly missing.  Sections of it will return, but this is certainly refreshing progress.

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