Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday: Holy drywall dust, Batman! (5/16/11)

It's sort of like a house, all of a sudden!  Walk with me, won't you?

We've just stepped in through the front door.  This is looking to my right, toward the new hallway and courtyard...

This is looking straight ahead, through the kitchen, with the coat closet just to the left.

This is looking to the left, into the living room.  The areas between the windows will be trimmed out with Douglas Fir, to match the window frames.  This was an idea the architect had somewhat recently, so it will look sort of like one big unit.

Again, looking toward the living room windows...

And now, turning around in the living room, looking toward the bedroom hallway.  Note that the basement stairwall on the left is now walled in.

Oops - bad transition...  We somehow leapt through the kitchen wall, now looking toward the walk-in pantry.

Now our back is to the pantry, looking at one wall of the kichen...

Now turning toward the other wall of the kitchen, with an opening out to the new hallway.

Stepping through the new hallway into the dining room...  The cardboard templates are where the "invisible speakers" are to be installed (approximately - that's a whole other story!).  In short, they get installed flush with the wallboard, the joints around it get drywall mud that's feathered down, and then you just paint over them.  Voila, invisible (we hope).

We've stepped out of the dining room, into the new hallway, looking toward the front of the house (courtyard ahead on the left, kitchen on the right, back door behind us).

Now we've gone up the hallway and are looking back toward the back door (dining room to the right and kitchen and pantry to the left).

OK, let's stop.  I'm exhausted.

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