Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday: Stuff I forgot, mostly (5/17/11)

The house has been such a busy beehive (pun intended) of activity, that I've missed the few opportunities I've had to capture the progress on a timely basis.  So some of these photos are reaching back a couple of days just to get caught up...

Here, they've put cedar trim around the exterior of the living room windows.  There's an issue with the bottom so they're holding off on that.  The architect told the window guy that we wanted no brick mould, and basically, no exterior trim.  Apparently, this got translated as no sill at the bottom, which should be considered a functional part of the frame rather than trim.  Thankfully, someone else is dealing with them on this subject, and thankfully, I think the window company is being very gracious about it.

Here, they've started the cedar window trim in the courtyard.

Apparently, replacement of the stunning wallpaper and faux-wood siding in the basement stairwell were not included in our contract.  Damn.  At least, in the future, we can close the door on it...

I've neglected reporting on the raised ceiling in the living room.  More cedar plywood will look continuous with the 'ceiling' of the porch roof outside.  The plywood tends to darken quickly in a few days, so we'll see if the lighter portions even out.

Turning around from the last photo, this pocket will be a built-in office niche with a sliding barn door.  Our old office is the new walk-in pantry, so this will be a space for the computer, printer and files on which we can just shut the door if it's a mess.

The kitchen sink will be on the other side of this half wall.  This will have a little counter top bar on top so you could pull up stools on the near side.  (Hey, what happened to my mock-up pendant lights?!)

We're back in the kitchen.  As I said above, the sink will be to the right (as well as the dish washer).  The wall here will be a stretch of lower cabinets with a triple-screen computer display above (all the better for showing multiple skateboard videos during dinner parties, right Jack?), thus the days-worth of work on the wiring.  The wall on the left will have the stove, hood and a few drawers.

I didn't show this wall in yesterday's photos.  This photo was taken exiting the kitchen and looking toward the dining room.

And this is our industrial/minimalist dining room chandelier.  (kidding)

This mass of wiring is remaining exposed, for now, near the front door.  This makes one appreciate how important it is to fully think out electrical while you have the opportunity (making me think all the more that I've forgotten something really important somewhere...).

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