Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday: A faucet conundrum (5/25/11)

I need help...  This is the sink we got for the main kitchen sink.  It's interior dimensions are  15 1/2" by 20 1/2".

And this is the faucet we bought for the above sink.  It's about 11" from escutcheon to the top of the spout and 8" from the inlet to the outlet, and controls are 8" center-to-center.

The second sink will be visible from the main sink, and we're thinking it will be integral to the counter material (black).  It will be somewhat smaller, but must still be usable - maybe 14" by 14"?

We'll also be installing an InSinkerator (sp?) at the second sink for filtered instant hot and cold water - it's smaller - 8 3/8" from counter to the top of the spout and 5 1/4" from the inlet to the outlet.

So should the second sink have pretty much the same faucet as the main sink will have (pictured above, but without the side spray), or should we go with a single mount like this:

I can get different sizes on the spout to be more proportional to whatever size sink we get.  So, is it confusing to have the same handles oriented differently on two sinks near each other?  Or does it seem more fitting to have the two different faucets at the second sink both have single hole mounts and vertically oriented handles?  Or have I completely confused you by all this jumping around?  I'm feeling a little baffled myself...

What say you?

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