Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday: Primed for success? (6/3/11)

The last few days, they've been doing more spackling and sanding, which I've neglected to photograph.  On Friday, they put the first coat of primer on.  We somehow doubt that they used the low VOC paint they're supposed to use...

Here's the pantry, with a small handful of furniture, kitchen hoods and boxes of spices and stuff we couldn't fit elsewhere in the meantime, covered in plastic.

The kitchen (with a stove mostly covered in plastic)...

The dining room with our successfully tested, but not yet installed, replacement speaker...

The hallway...  You'll note that almost all of the windows are once again covered in plastic, which is practical, but kind of a drag.

I guess I also forgot to photograph the new cedar ceiling panels on the carport ceiling.

Here's the carport ceiling from the front.  Maybe that one lighter panel needs to be changed out.

And we almost missed the fact that they'd trimmed out the back door.  We'll have to see what the architect has to say about the little angle to the left of the top of the door.  Wow, is that the ugliest siding you've ever seen, to the right?!  Yikes.

Don't worry.  No one will ever see the back of the house, right?

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