Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday: Catching up on last week (6/8/11 - 6/9/11)

The activity level at the house has been a bit slow, but then I realize that other things have gone un-noted here.  On Wednesday, the architect said that he was willing to drive almost two hours to see for himself how this trim was built, so I offered to send him as much information as I could and see if that was enough.

This crazy drawing resulted, and within minutes of sending it to him, he sent a solution to the builder.

On Friday, they coated a lot of the cedar window trim boards with the Sikkens sealant, and I just LOVE the tone.

Also on Friday, I picked up the fireplace burner insert.  It will be installed in the square channel in the concrete (behind the carboard, in this photo).

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