Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday: Waiting for rain... and floor samples (7/8/11)

After hearing more about how the roofing and flashing were constructed, I think we were wrong about the gap at the bottom being the problem.  Everyone seems to think at this point that the problem is that the grout is soaking up water which wicks much further, past and underneath the porch roof.  We were expecting rain this day or the next, so they fastened a tarp to seal off the chimney above the flashing.  Unfortunately, we only got a sprinkling, so we weren't able to prove that was the problem.

Our builder had come up with Siberian Larch as an alternate wood for flooring (bottom piece).  The piece on the left is the cedar, for the deck flooring, to which we're trying to roughly match the look.  I don't have the other piece of larch he brought in this photo, but the grain between the two pieces was completely different.  The smaller pieces above right are reclaimed heartwood pine samples that we got from a company in North Carolina.

And with a brochure cover like this, how could we go wrong?  Reuben would apparently be so happy with this floor.....

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