Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday: More wetness woes (7/4/11)

We had problems with leaks around the chimney, so they came back and beefed up the flashing, which is too bad, because that makes it that much more visible from the street.  It improved the situation, but didn't fix it.  This photo is from Sunday, the 3rd, after a hard rain.  This is the front of the chimney on the front of the house, under the porch ceiling.  As you can see, the stone and grouting get wet, but also, the cedar plywood gets water stains that are permanent, and would turn to rot.

I think this stain (on the edge of the plywood) is also from water seeping in at the flashing, then traveling down the incline to this spot...

...and this water stain on the porch floor is directly below it.

So, on Monday, after the parade, Jack kindly offered to go up on the roof and take some pictures of the flashing.

We're wondering if this gap is where it's getting in.

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