Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday: Chimney proportions (4/16/12)

We came to the revelation quite a while ago that the chimney didn't match the proportions that were intended in the original drawings.  The width matched, but it appears the builder read this to mean that he should match the original chimney height, which is understandable, but nowhere near the height indicated in the drawing.

The first photo shows the drawings from straight on and the actual photo adds perspective...  So all you can see from the other side of the street is the chimney damper.

When you go off to an angle, you can see a bit of the top... but this does match the original height of the chimney.

So the architect did some sketches and we're considering a chimney cap that will cover the clay flu and damper and get back the proportion that was originally intended.  A couple of guys came to try measuring out a prototype.  Should be interesting to see this come together...

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