Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday: Transformers... (3/2/12)

On, no!  Reuben has sprouted human arms!!  Look, he's shrieking too!  Flee for the hills!! 

Friday: A linear gas burner (3/2/12)

They just installed the chimney damper on the top of the chimney flu (must get a photo but it's raining right now).  I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on the visibility of the handle.  We may need to work on this.

The burner is supposed to eventually be covered with a brushed stainless steel plate with a slot down the middle for the flame to peek through.  So this places the shiny silver damper handle directly in the center of the black opening, directly over the flame.  Thinking this could use some improvement...

Holy incendiary agent, Batman - it works!  (We're still trying to figure out if this is really working out the way we wanted it to...)

Thursday: The kitchen goes full-on! (3/1/12)

We finally pulled all the protective film off the cabinets, got the dishwasher running and re-fully-installed (the top came immediately unglued from the counter piece, so the whole thing would rock forward when you opened the door), and started moving our stuff back into the kitchen.

And the old front hallway where we have the second sink:

We also decided that we should bite the bullet and have the old restaurant sink moved to its most efficient location in the pantry, which meant moving the hood as well.

This means the plumbing underneath the sink doesn't need to travel 5 feet, which is good.  And the room just makes more sense this way.  It's not plumbed yet, but I think it'll be great.