Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wenesday: Details, details... and a (sort of) KITCHEN SINK! (1/25/12)

A bit of this is catch-up, but we've had the switch plates and receptacles installed...

White for the white walls...

...and stainless for the Douglas Fir panels.

They also mortised in these closet door edge pulls on three sets of doors.  This is what it looks like from the edge...

...and this is what it looks like when they're closed.

So these are the front coat closet to the left and the kitchen doors to the right.

And this is the pantry doors and the bookshelf space to the right.  Still trying to decide if the shelves should be white or Douglas Fir.

AND.....  (this is so exciting).....  we have a (sort of) kitchen sink!  That works!  This is the to-be-second sink, and the sink is made of the same material as the chem lab countertops - made by Durcon.

And it functions!!!  (Not liking that white stuff around the drain, though...)

Tuesday: Pimp my gutter (1/24/12)

Have you heard of that MTV show called Pimp My Ride?

We're trying to trick out our gutter that will be installed in the "skylight" hole in the porch roof near the front door with rain chains.  This is the more widely spaced linear idea...

And then we have the more closely spaced staggered hole idea.  Which I think we all prefer (almost impossible to figure out in this photo).

The gutter guy has been fabulous about mocking up ideas on how to make this.  Who knew gutter guys were so creative?  I definitely see a future for the newest MTV sensation, Pimp My Gutter.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday: Paint, trim and counter prep (1/18/12)

I've fallen so far behind that I don't even remember what day the painters came in, but it was recently.  And before that, they installed the trim around the doors...

...and they installed the eBay bargain basement hood in the pantry, that will provide venting for the coffee roaster...

We also asked that they move the back wall of a very deep closet/bookshelf to the middle so we could have bookshelves on each side.  It turned out to be a very reasonably priced change and we went for it.

The deeper of the two wound up being on the pantry side - I suppose we could use it for storing kitchen equipment as well, if we wanted to.

This is the outer side at 14" deep.  I'm liking this much better than another closet.

And then the clouds parted and the sun shone through and the counters arrived!  (Just like when the Loewen window truck arrived...)

I can't even find the words to describe how difficult it was for the guys to help get this off the truck.  1000 pounds of countertops, tightly wrapped in plastic.

This is what the kitchen looked like a couple of days ago...

And now here's the sink/stove side, with an incomplete backsplash (with the computer niche back side painted black)...

And the fridge side.  We were unsure whether we would want a counter piece on the bottom of the opening in the wall, but I really like it.  It came with an unfinished edge on this side which still needs to be figured out.

It just seems more continuous, and that surface will be better protected than simply painted drywall.  (Raised bar countertop immediately to the left, then more backsplash pieces.)  Oh, and the second sink area:

Tuesday: There's still a floor under there! (1/17/12)

On this day, they took up the paper that's been protecting the half-finished floor, that's been in place now for four months.  And I've discovered that I've missed it!  (Although it's kind of dirty.)

The living room.

The kitchen.

The entryway.

The bedroom hallway.  And Reuben is so over it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday: More lights! (1/10/11)

The electricians swept in this day and installed many of the remaining lights which have been sitting in boxes.  Fabulous!  We still have to decide how high or low to install this pendant light because once you cut that cord, there's not much wiggle room.  Right now, the cord is essentially long enough to allow the light to rest on the hearth (which I don't think looks quite right...).

Thursday: New front view (1/5/12)

I was seeing a friend and realized I didn't have any photos of the entire front of the house since the new door was installed.  So I stepped out on a sunny January day and took this photo.  Reuben is anxiously watching from the left front window wondering why on earth I would ever go outside without him.

Saturday: Merry Post-Christmas Christmas! (12/28/2011)

We got back from visiting family and had a little post-Christmas celebration the following weekend.  Reuben is always most eager for his gift from my parents and their dog, Chester...

Sunday: Merry Christmas! (12/25/2011)

I'm sorely behind but thought I'd throw some photos up.  Progress at the house has been inching along so slowly through the holidays that I hadn't really thought to update the blog - sorry!

Obviously, Ellie and Jack are giving some pretty serious prayers for a wonderful breakfast, which they did get!