Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday: Lotsa blocks (8/25/10)

They added blocking to the footings today.  This is with the stone wall to my right, looking forward, toward the street.

This is looking back along that same wall.

They added a silt fence along this property line.  It's getting harder and harder to walk the dog...

I finally got an opportunity to mow the back yard.  I glanced up, halfway through, and found three workers standing, lined up along this silt fence, watching me mowing.  I guess it's fair payback after pressing myself against the windows, watching them work outside the house!

Tuesday: A footingful day (8/24/10)

Another way to view the mounds from the front:  first on the right is the new carport, then back to the courtyard garden, then, in front of the stone wall, the dining room.  This was the day they poured the footings for those walls.

The front foundation to support the carport (parallel to the street)...

Next back is the foundation for the back wall of the carport - also the front wall of the courtyard.

This is for the back wall of the courtyard - also the front wall of the dining room.

This is the footing for the wall along the side of the courtyard and dining room.

This footing wraps around the inside corner of the carport.  A stucco wall will be between the cars (Chevy Novas, right?) and the new entrance.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday: I got back from a weekend away and everything's changed! (8/23/10)

First, a view from the front of the house...  added a mini-mountain of gravel and lotsa-blocks.

From the "front door side"...

They added insulation to the foundation on the "back door side"....

And insulation was added to the chimney extension foundation...

And as you're continuing around the front corner...

Now, on the "front door side", we have the new dining room.  We'll be starting to entertain here immediately.  Dinner promises to be an adventure!

Here's the new courtyard garden.  Planting has not yet begun.

This is the new carport.  It's difficult to get into so far...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday: We have new bubbles! (8/16/10)

The living room being prepared...  Reuben's looking really stirred up about all this activity, isn't he?

The living room bubble is up!  (Reuben was so eager to get in there, I had to keep him in the bedroom.)

The living room bubble from the side...

And this is how the inside of the living room bubble wound up at the end of the day.  They removed the stone, cleaned it pretty well and carried it out through the basement.  They're trying to preserve all the stone they can for reuse.  And thank goodness they preserved the fireplace grate and the piece of wood!  (The fireplace hasn't been used since I've lived here - Jack said the chimney design doesn't draw air properly.)

The is the basement bubble...

And this is how the inside of the bubble wound up.  They removed the bookshelves and are keeping them aside to put back up later.  They weren't the most beautiful bookshelves, but they were certainly kept in good use.

Sunday: Switch to the inside (8/15/10)

We got news on Saturday that, due to recent rains and concerns about application of waterproofing materials to the foundation, it would be most expeditous to go ahead and get some work done inside (originally not to happen till late September).  So we spent the weekend rushing to get the East wall clear, both upstairs and downstairs, at the fireplaces.  These are some before photos, although we had already taken up the rug here.

Living Room firplace from the side.  Note the decapitated flamingo head and the gutted Uncle Sam.  Must get Reuben to pick up his toys.  And his pile of newspapers.

Downstairs before the work starts, but after we boxed 18 boxes of books in about three hours.  Adrenaline can be a good thing.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you... what's in bloom.

Construction's been a little slow the last couple of days, so let's look away from the mud in the front yard and entertain ourselves in the back yard.  We have passion flowers,....





And whatever this cute little thing is.  
All right.  Carry on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday: More about foundation work... (8/11/10)

The front door foundation is completed and parged....

And the back door foundation is parged as well.

The foundation of the wider chimney has been laid...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday: Nuclear winter has struck the front yard. (8/10/10)

It appears that nuclear winter has struck the front yard.  I don't know how our little plant has dealt with this new blow....

The back door foundation looks complete.

And the front door foundation is getting there...  (why won't this picture move over?!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday: New foundations and front yard findings (8/9/10)

The foundation outside the existing back door is looking near completion.

The foundation outside the existing front door has been started...

And we have the first gardening element in our gorgeous new front yard!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday: Building blocks

8/6/10 - The concrete footings are ready...

8/6/10 - Just a few blocks...

8/6/10 - Adding block on the footings.

8/6/10 - The turnaround pad is history.

Thursday: Footings

8/5/10 - Front door footing frames

8/5/10 - Back door footing frames

8/5/10 - View out the kitchen window

8/5/10 - Front door footing pour

8/5/10 - Living room view of back door footing pour.
8/5/10 - View out bedroom window of driveway turnaround pad destruction.