Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wenesday: Details, details... and a (sort of) KITCHEN SINK! (1/25/12)

A bit of this is catch-up, but we've had the switch plates and receptacles installed...

White for the white walls...

...and stainless for the Douglas Fir panels.

They also mortised in these closet door edge pulls on three sets of doors.  This is what it looks like from the edge...

...and this is what it looks like when they're closed.

So these are the front coat closet to the left and the kitchen doors to the right.

And this is the pantry doors and the bookshelf space to the right.  Still trying to decide if the shelves should be white or Douglas Fir.

AND.....  (this is so exciting).....  we have a (sort of) kitchen sink!  That works!  This is the to-be-second sink, and the sink is made of the same material as the chem lab countertops - made by Durcon.

And it functions!!!  (Not liking that white stuff around the drain, though...)


  1. We now are the proud owners of a utility sink again. The best thing about the whole project was the cleanup, which I did not have to do in the downstairs bathroom sink.

    1. OK, I'm a blogging idiot. I don't really know how to respond to comments because I think I've gotten three in the last 18 months. Does this actually go back to you?

  2. Yes! Having been without kitchen sink(s) upstairs for a year, as well as the dishwasher (only two TINY bathroom sinks) and doing dishes in the cement utility sink in the basement, I have a very new appreciation for utility sinks. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Great work! I see those edge pulls you used on the closet doors and they are exactly what we need on our project. Do you mind sharing your source? Thank you in advance.

    1. Goodness, thanks for your note! I'd be curious what search resulted in finding my puny little blog. And I've since looked up your website and remember seeing published photos of the Hive house - beautiful!!

      After an exhaustive search for kitchen cabinet hardware, I kept thinking there must be pulls like the edge pulls they make for kitchen drawers, but for doors. Not so much really.

      I first found beautiful jib pulls made by E.R. Butler which seemed too expensive for me:
      but then found some edge pulls made by Rockwood Manufacturing that were quite reasonable:

      I ordered ours from Precision Doors and Hardware in Alexandria, VA, (who were kind enough to deal with me even though I'm not in the trade) but I'm sure that Rockwood has a dealer closer to you. I hope I'll have an opportunity to see your application in a photo sometime!
      Take care,
      - Sarah

  4. Thank you, Sarah! I'd been looking for edge-pulls deep enough for a closet, and didn't believe they existed. Your blog is the only place I was able to find evidence that they do, and I've contacted Precision Door.