Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thursday: Doorbell, chime and floor fixes (1/26/12)

I love the new doorbell!  It has a nice black surface that mimics the black on the front door light, and...

...it's illuminated!

The chime is installed above the second sink, and like the faucet, is a bright shiny chrome.

And my favorite thing about the chime is the bright little "ding" you get when the doorbell is pushed.  And that the dog does not yet understand that means someone's at the door.  Back when we didn't really have doors and windows, he immediately learned that the phone ringing usually meant someone had come to the house.  Darn poodles.

And the floor guys came to resolve some of the sanding concerns we had with the floor.  It seems like they really removed very little of the surface, but went to town fixing not only sanding marks, but scratches from the dog racing around.  I think they did an amazing job.

It is immediately obvious that the scratches were concentrated at the two new front windows.  Methinks rugs are in order.

The next morning we had to vacate for a few days while they put down the next two coats of finish.  Off to the "country estate" for Reuben...

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