Monday, February 20, 2012

Thursday: Let there be light(s)! (2/16/12)

I do love it when the electricians come.  On this day, they installed the two kitchen ceiling light decorative fixtures, and the three concrete pendants (which were a bear - they had to be height-adjusted from the attic, which is not an entirely friendly place to be).

And then they pointed out that the dining room pendant (completely unassembled) had somehow become separated from the assembly instructions, which are critical.  While they did other things, I got the store to email the directions to me, and the three of us proceded to spend something like two hours assembling and adjusting wires on this thing to get it to the right height and level.  Lordy.  I don't know how we managed to order the hardest lights in the universe to install, but we did.  But I loooooooove them.

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