Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday: Plumbing and kitchen sinks (2/10/12)

On Friday, the plumbers were here.  The kitchen sink had been installed the day before, but this day the faucet was installed and the drain was connected.  I can't quite believe it.

They also installed the Craigslist restaurant sink in the pantry, but it's not plumbed yet.  There was a bit of a cluster while planning this room - everything came about completely out of sequence.  The plumbing went in before the sink was discovered, then the hood (purchased used on eBay) was installed, largely based on where the ceiling and attic rafters were located, before thinking about where the actual sink would be....  Oy.  Much of it was my fault, actually.

The hood is there for the coffee roaster, so the counter will be very convenient.  It's just that 5 foot drain run that's now a bit of a drag.  Good thing it's a pantry.  No need to be pretty.

I actually don't remember what day this happened... they installed and painted the bookshelves on the pantry side.  I'm trying rather hard to wait 30 days to put cookbooks here as they say that paint can take that long to fully cure on surfaces like bookshelves.

And the monitors are up and running (on a limited scale).  Installing them is not an experience I'm eager to relive, so hopefully this won't require much troubleshooting.

Jack's still working on controlling all the monitors.  The plan is that our little tablet computer will be used as a "remote" to control the monitors.  Then we can use the computer or stream TV or movies on the monitors as we choose.  We've basically proven it out, but it could use some tweaking...

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