Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday: What we've been doing during electrical and plumbing (1/24/11)

Or why I didn't become an electrical engineer.  Yikes.  The good news is that they're not done yet.


And we have more switches than we'll EVER know what to do with.

The progress over the last two weeks has been less dramatic visually - all electrical and plumbing.  It has, however, involved several shutdowns of electrical and water service...  and one carbon monoxide scare.  But we've made it (almost) through that part in one piece (each).

So anyway, we've been busy obsessing over other details.  It's kind of good that we've been involved in this project for years - it gives you time to make sure you're going to continue (at least for a year or two) to like some of your choices.  We've remained amazingly steady on the kitchen - hope we like it once it's here!

IKEA abstrakt white lower cabinets - pretty much all drawers - and no upper cabinets.

Sorry about the resolution...  Epoxy resin countertops that are used in professional laboratories.

Chicago faucet - also used in laboratories (I'm sensing a theme...)

Ticor sink (not used in laboratories, but very reasonably priced!)

And for drawer pulls, I'm down to either the Tob Knobs Pennington bar pulls...

...or the Doug Mockett "wire" pulls.

And Reuben's being absolutely no help.  He's too busy chewing on Mr. Bill, fittingly bought during our carbon monoxide evacuation.  "Oh noooooooo..."

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  1. LOL, thanks for the laugh on this snowy afternoon! Couldn't resist when I saw there were "no followers" on your Blog??? I've been trying to check in every couple of weeks to see your progress - looking good!