Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday: Stalling for a bit (12/3/10)

We've had a very slow week housewise (again), but we had a very fruitful meeting on Tuesday, so I think everyone's off cogitating.

Reuben's results from his biopsies have all been benign, but we're into our fourth week of stitches, and I just can't stand the fraying Rusted Root or Michelle Shocked t-shirts (both mine) on Reuben anymore to keep him away from the stitches.  All the neighbors thought I was trying to make a cheap doggy coat.  So I finally gave into the Petco fashion arena.  Sheila thinks it's "too girly."  Maybe it's too "fetching"....  (which Reuben certainly wouldn't find to be a problem!)

But I think he's looking ready for his next Pilates class.

Unfortunately, he can't be groomed until two weeks after his last stitches are removed.  After just having seen the musical Hair at the Kennedy Center, his hairdo is seeming fitting to me.  Are the '70's back in style by any chance?

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