Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday: Back to work (12/09/10)

On Thursday, the house was buzzing with activity.  They removed the form around the hearth.  We'll have to decide how to deal with the little cavities and imperfections.

The concrete is flush with the stone surround on the sides.  The front cinderblock suface will be covered with either tinted stucco or plaster.

They put in most of the plumbing required - this is where the second kitchen sink will be.

They had to remove part of the flooring to do the plumbing and adding ducting for heat and A/C.

More flooring removed for ductwork here...

...and here...

...and a new heating vent!  Please forgive all the excitement over heating vents - it's been cold!

They also installed the SpecLam panels that provide a bit of slope for runoff.

And playing catch-up on my part, they had installed a stone front door sill...

...and we're loving our beautiful plywood door.  We haven't completely figured out the problem with mortar color yet.
      AND THE WINDOWS COME ON MONDAY!!!  Heat AND windows - just imagine...

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