Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday: IKEA, IKEA, IKEA and rain (8/19/11)

On Friday, the landscapers finished up the BMP and "hydroseeded" the lawn.  I wish I'd gotten a photo.  They directed this huge hose that sprayed high arcs of bright green fluffy stuff that looks like streamers cut into tiny shreds, that I'm hoping contains grass seed.  I only glimsped it before heading back to IKEA on a day that had screwy traffic caused by road closures allowing for the 9/11 memorial motorcycle ride.  It took less than five hours total.  That's a good thing...

So we got 10% off our order.  When I got to the cashier with the bar-coded order sheet and the $1.49 door mat I felt we needed with all the dirt getting tracked in, a nice family with five carts of dining room chairs suggested I go ahead of them in line, thinking I was only buying a door mat.  I thanked them profusely and asked the cashier if the cabinet order purchase would be quick (after what I'd been through) and he assured me it would.  He scanned that and my door mat and said, "That will be [a few thousand dollars], please."  I said, "For a door mat?!"  Luckily, he thought that was funny.

That night, we got a deluge - I think it was an inch of rain in an hour.

And we're expecting an IKEA delivery of 154 packages on Saturday.

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