Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tuesday: A jungle, abated (8/16/11)

Sheila was taking a half-day acting class for a couple of weeks, and mentioned to me that they could film an action sequence in our front yard because it looked like a jungle (albeit a jungle of shin-high weeds...).  Also, I encouraged a neighbor who asked if she could dig up a pretty grass plant growing along our front silt fence.  Twenty minutes into Tuesday morning, and it was all gone.

They got an incredible amount of work done in one day.  They absolutely tore around in a little front loader and got the front yard pretty well graded.  Note that the soil now covers most of those huge concrete piers under each porch column.  It's nice to have them somewhat hidden, as well as having a shorter step down from the porch, as we're not planning to have any railings.

A view from the other front corner...

...and from the back.

This is the beginnings of our infamous BMP (infiltration trench), required by the county to get our permit initially approved.

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