Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friday: Deck progress and inset handles (12/2/11)

I haven't stayed current with new deck photos.  They're almost finished with it - just about half of the pad in front of the front door to go.  They started choosing the board colors more randomly, and I think it looks gorgeous.

Here you can see where it wraps around the back windows.  They changed out four boards that I specified and it really softened the stripey effect.  We have the wide cedar cladding that will wrap the outside edge of the deck, but it hasn't been treated yet.

And I chose inset handles for the few cabinet doors that we have.  Using the same wire pulls as those on the drawers would have caused too many opportunities for the handles on the doors to bang into the drawers as almost every door is located next to a corner.  This was a test case, and I like it.

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