Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday: How the heck do we get in? (2/4/11)

On Friday, a lot changed - suddenly the window opening we'd been using as the main front entry actually has a window installed in it!  Reuben was pretty confused and upset...

They also added some plywood to the deck portion in front of the new front door and temporary versions of the steps that will lead from the carport to the door.  It all feels so foreign!

So there's the new front door!  Actually, it's a "previously enjoyed" front door, possibly from Habitat For Humanity, with whom the builders frequently associate.  Maybe the door was hanging out with our kitchen cabinets or fridge...  Our new door will be larger (and solid wood), with a sidelite window.

We asked if the left-most fascia board might be switched out because the color was jarringly different from the adjacent one to the right.  This seems much better, although a couple of the boards might need a little tweaking with stain...

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