Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday: Charles M. Goodman house (2/21/11)

My friend Mary, a realtor, very generously took me to see the house owned and renovated by Charles M. Goodman, the architect who designed much of the Hollin Hills mid-century modern houses in this area.  The house is currently up for sale for $1.25 million.  (Caroline couldn't come with us, unfortunately, and I promised to take photos - this seemed like the easiest way to share them.  So this has absolutely nothing to do with our house!)

This is what you see as you park in the driveway.  The roofline beyond is the 1850-ish original two story house that was added onto by Goodman in, I think, 1952.

This is the doorway by which you enter.  The following picture is taken standing on the other side of this stone wall.

This is a little quasi-courtyard to the right of the entrance.

Inside view of the front entrance.  The newspaper article about the house said that they used wood flooring on the ceiling, which continues outside.  The floor inside is slate with under-floor heating.

This is the fireplace in the new section of the house.  That's a concrete cantilevered box...   ambitious!

The "architect's office/library" in the old part of the house which has old doors and traditional windows.

This is the other side of the "architect's office/library."  Note the wooden slide-out plan files behind the right corner of the desk.  He built these in many of the rooms.

The "family room" in the old part of the house.

This is the kitchen (new part of house, I think) with vintage St. Charles metal cabinets - the same that Frank Lloyd Wright used.

This is the biggest bedroom of four, all upstairs (old part of house?).

This is the smallest of the bedrooms (tiny!) with....  plan files, of course.  I think every bedroom had at least one section of them.

And as interesting as the house was, you get a lot of views of the nearby McMansions, and lots of road noise from nearby and busy Quaker Lane.  Too bad.

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