Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday: A roof with a view (2/16/11)

We made it!  I took this picture while standing on the carport roof.  They reshingled this side of the original roof.

This is looking into the courtyard toward the new dining room.  They clearly haven't done this portion yet, and we've had such windy days that the tar paper gets blown off.  I have a daily regimen of checking the neighbors' yards for stray strips of tar paper.

Here, I'm standing on the new dining room looking into the courtyard toward the back wall of the carport.

This is the top of the chimney with our new chimney cap that will be removed soon.  We'll probably have a small metal cap put on that will be visually minimal.  I think they're not quite finished with the roofing materials, so I'll be curious how this will look.  The portion to the right, over the raised roof in the living room has rubber covering rather than shingles.

The large roof vent is for the furnace and water heater.  The small one is for the plumbing stack and the little flat one is for the bathroom fans, which used to vent into the attic.

And THIS is our lovely back yard.  Can you believe that all used to be paved?  I was so thankful to not have all that to shovel during our last snowfall.  Debbie, we're obviously going to need some landscaping help!

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  1. LOL, Just give me a plant list and I'll whip up a "planted" back yard with my trusty companion, Photoshop! :)

    I've been so busy the past month I haven't had a chance to check your progress but I had to pay a quick visit before we leave for Alexandria tomorrow. I've been wondering what effect the nasty weather has had on your construction - I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my sense of humor but looks like you're not having a problem. As always I enjoy seeing the photos of your "redu" but I think I enjoy the narration more! Hope to see you both soon!