Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friday: Things I've forgotten... (11/11/11)

I've been a bad blogger.  We've had mostly one person working here, while we've been experiencing massive computer issues.  Sheila and I are migrating to a new computer, so hopefully I'll be reporting progress on a more regular basis soon.

We got handles on (almost) all the drawers.  I have some recessed pulls for the very few cabinet doors, but we have yet to experiment with those.

Note that the middle drawer has the blue protective film removed, so that will be the final look of the entire kitchen.  I had seen handles like these in a photo on and really liked the simple and utilitarian look of them.  I'd also talked to a hardware store (as in door and cabinet hardware) owner who said that she had installed the omnipresent bar pulls with the bar that projects on the corners in her own kitchen, and she was shocked at how many pairs of pants had caught on those ends and tore as she was walking too close to the handles.  I never would have thought of that.

We aslo have a fair amount of new baseboards...

Most of the window trim is up - Douglas Fir to match the wood of the windows...

And the living room windows have douglas fir panels between them to make it look like it's one huge installation.  I really love it.  It will look even nicer after it gets a coat of finish.

And speaking of trim, check out the horridness that was exposed when they ripped out the old baseboards in the bedroom hallway.  White, gray, sky blue, mint green, and even a bit of pink.  This house definitely has a colorful history.

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