Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday: What's the Spanish word for 'random'? (11/16/11)

So they started installing the deck boards.  The cedar is gorgeous, but unfortunately it's a mix of light and dark boards with not much in between.  I think there are actually more dark boards than light, which is fine.  But then, how do you arrange it?

The instruction (from their boss, not me) the guys were given was this:  Random placement, but if you have a light board, go about two shades lighter or darker to contine that linear string.  Same with a dark board.  This was the result.  The poor guys did exactly as they were told and are doing a fabulous job as far as spacing and lining up the screws.  I felt terrible suggesting that we switch it up, but this looks intentionally striped to me.  I kept saying "It should look random.  The colors should look mixed up, not like a pattern."  I do believe that randomness is a really difficult look to achieve  and it's very difficult to plan for.  They kept asking me exactly how I wanted them to change it and all I could reply was, "Random.  It should look random."  I think they were told to go work elsewhere or go home until the boss comes to see it tomorrow.  I'm feeling mean.

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