Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday: Deck boards (11/6/11)

We got the cedar delivery for the deck boards.  They're an unusal size for decking because the architect wanted the width of the boards to mimic the width of the floor boards inside, so it sort of looks like the same material continues from the inside to the outside.  So essentially, these are 2x4's ripped in half.  We're trying to figure out which color screw to use in these, and there's quite a variety in the color of the boards.  We're just glad they're not as knotty as the previous delivery.

The guys were here today applying the sealant to the deck boards.  I took this picture from inside the living room looking out through this very dirty window.  The deck boards are sitting propped up on a couple of 2x4s to dry, so they're up a little higher than they will be when they're installed.  I think the grain and color matches really well between the reclaimed heartwood pine floors and the cedar decking.

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