Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday: Flooring and raining (7/13/11)

We received the heartwood pine samples that are from new growth pine trees from a company in Georgia (on the left).  The center board is the cedar that will be used for the decking and we're trying to go for a similar look.  The reclaimed heartwood pine (on the right - unfinished on top and with Waterlox tung oil finish on the bottom) is from a company in North Carolina.  The older pine should be much more stable than the new, meaning that we would get less movement and gapping between boards (which is what we have now).

Later that day, we suddenly had the most intense storm and rain.  I knew they had covered the chimney flu with plastic to rule out that as a source of the water leaks around the chimney.  So I laid down on the hearth and took a picture up the flu.  I was completely incapable of diagnosing anything from this photo...

While I was busy obsessing over the water stains forming on the cedar plywood out front...

I completely missed the fact that water had been rushing down the back basement steps underneath the basement back door and into one of the rooms that we have much of our packed stuff in.

The water traveled underneath the laminated flooring in the basement to the other end of the house.  I spent many, many hours mopping.  We wound up with very near an inch of water in that back packed room - thank goodness everything is off the floor.

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