Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday: ...Come again another day! (9/8/11)

The height of the water in the BMP was really starting to concern me.  I was picturing the water topping the ridge on the far side and dumping into the neighbors' sun room.  Then I pictured us getting sued.  When it's full, though, it does appear to spill over into the driveway and out to the street.

We also have this apparent spillway on the other side of the front lawn, where the water had broken down the silt fence in the last storm.  We'll have to figure how to channel water here...

The dining room wall was wet at both ends, affecting the subfloor.

This is the subfloor at the front of the house beside the hearth.  The floor guy won't start installing the new floors until it's ensured that we've cleared up this problem.

And the plaster guy won't do the finish coat on the fireplace wall until this is solved.

But we didn't get a drop of water in the basement!!!

Later that day, a brave delivery man delivered our next-to-last light.  This one is to hang in front of the fireplace wall.  Somehow it's not exactly what I expected.  But Jack loves it, which is good.

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