Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday: Flooring (9/15/11)

I got a call yesterday, saying that they would be ready to start flooring the next morning and that we (meaning me - Jack hasn't been here for the week) should completely clear the area.  We had sort of settled back into this space since there wasn't any work going on for quite a while.  This was what was left first thing in the morning, and I cleared everything out but the couch and the fireplace burner, on the left, by the time they came.

This is the rest of the "before" flooring.

They had also wire-brushed all the grout to prepare it for sealing with a commercial sealant, and came back the next day and sealed all the stone/grout surfaces.  We'll see once we get some rain...

After...  This photo is taken from the front corner, near the end of the hearth.  They completed almost all of the large area of the living room.  They left a gap uninstalled near the previously wet corner by the hearth.  It rained a bit today, but unfortunately, not enough to prove out the new grout sealant.

It was a hard day on Reuben.  Very, very loud and very confining, since they're replacing the floor in the bedroom hallway too.  He soothed himself in his usual way, by napping while resting his head on something incredibly uncomfortable - the foot of the ironing board.  I think if we had a bed of nails, he'd be into it.

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