Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday: And then the floodgates opened... (8/31/11)

...(in a good way) and things started to arrive.

The cedar siding was delivered in the morning.  A very nice gentleman made the grave mistake of knocking on the front door and was greeted by a rampaging poodle.  The first words out of his mouth were, "Your dog scared me."  Bad poodle.

A couple of hours later, the flooring truck arrived.

These are our packages.  The ones behind them were some sort of sections of a tower to be delivered to the Saudi Arabian Embassy that's apparently near us in Merrifield, VA.  Who knew?

Here it is loaded into the living room, where it will acclimate for a week before being installed.  I was concerned about seeing more knots and dark spots than I would have expected, but realized I was looking at the backs of the boards.

I was tremendously relieved once I got the chance to break open two of the bundles.  Beautiful!  I can't wait!

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