Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday: Flooring samples (6/20/11)

On Monday, the builder's flooring guy came to give us some flooring samples.  He started by sanding a large patch of our original flooring to confirm that it's red oak.  It looked so much better sanded, that it's a pity it's not really salvageable without lots of effort and time spent.

We're trying to match the color of the cedar that the decking will be made of (sample on the right) as closely as possible so that the floor will look sort of like it continues out beyond the living room windows as decking.  The stain colors were applied to the original flooring, from the top, Cherry, Colonial Maple, and Natural.

And here's the cedar next to the new red oak pieces - Colonial Maple on the bottom and Natural on the top.  Hmmm.

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