Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday: My new best friend (6/12/11)

We were looking for a utility sink for the walk-in pantry, and were pretty mortified at the quality we were finding.  So Jack happened upon a used restaurant counter/sink combo on Craigslist which will be perfect.  After making sure we could disassemble it and get it in, we brought it home and tried some different products to clean it.  The new products we bought really didn't succeed, but the old Bar Keepers Friend I had lying around (and had never used) made a dramatic difference.  It also helped that we did all this outside and could just hose it off...

So this is our latest little used treasure.  It's strong as all get-out, and it came very clean.  We just need somewhere to put it while they're working on the floors and walls...  (Fear not - this is when it's fully disassembled - it does have legs, faucet and even upper shelves!)

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