Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday: The kitchen is underway! (10/7/11)

We have the beginnings of a kitchen, finally!  And the stove actually works.  (The blue is protective film on the white drawer fronts.)  There are white toekicks, filler panels and end cover panels yet to be installed.  And the counter is temporary.

This is the opposite side.  The sink cabinet will have doors rather than drawers, and the dishwasher is not yet really installed.

The fridge is operational and will have a white board panel insert on the front.  There will be three units to the right with drawers, then two tall pantry cabinets on the right of those.

They also installed a lot of the recessed lights, but not all.

Also installed were all but two of the hallway lights.  The recessed lights could only be installed in the old ceiling.  The ceilings that have insulated panels just above the surface couldn't tolerate the heat generated by recessed lights, so these had to all be surface mounted.

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