Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday: Catching up and venting (10/19/11)

While I've been in a bit of a mood the last couple of days, venting can be good, it seems.  Particularly, venting in the kitchen.

They installed the hood a couple of days ago, and I've since cleaned it a bit better...

They also cut the whiteboard panel to size.  It matches the cabinet fronts very well, and I love the ability to leave notes on it (albeit in German).  It wipes off very cleanly.

So this is the fridge wall so far.  The pantry cabinets are about 7" taller than the fridge, so we're going to make the side cover panel (on the far side here) taller and create a small faux cabinet above the fridge to match the taller height.

Today, the plaster guys were here and put the third coat on the fireplace wall.  This is difficult to capture well in a photograph...

But it's very hard and smooth to the touch and reflects light at some angles.  I love it.

They also primed all the previously gray outside walls...

...and began applying the same color plaster in a different formulation, designed for exterior use, called Antico.  This is pretty exciting to see go up.

I forgot about the venting part.  Recently we've had three occassions of strangers that I've found just wandering around the property, and aren't the slightest bit embarrassed when they realize that we're living in the house.  Needless to say, I've been locking all the doors.

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