Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday: Cabinet building (10/2/11)

We spent Saturday and Sunday building cabinet bases and putting them approximately in place.  The builders should be installing them in the coming week.  Might we actually have a stove and oven in working condition soon?!

So this part will have four units of drawers to the left and right of the stove, and the cabinet to the right is the sink cabinet.  The dishwasher will go on this side of the sink cabinet.

On the opposite wall, we'll have the fridge to the left, then three units of drawers, then two tall pantry cabinets that we haven't completed yet.

If you were standing at the kitchen sink you could see over the raised bar into this hallway area (old front hall) where the second sink will be on the left and drawers on the right.  (They're sticking out unevenly only because of the piping for the sink protruding from the wall.)  It might be an exciting week!

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