Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday: Fireplace wall, during (10/12/11)

We're still incrementally working on the kitchen cabinets, but it's rather slow going.  And I've made two trips to Ikea in the last two days to tweak how things are put together, so it's been rather busy.  But progress is being made on the fireplace wall...

First, he put a coat of primer on the wall this morning.  And then by afternoon (when I got back from my daily trip to Ikea) he was applying the first coat of Venetion plaster.  It contains slaked lime and marble dust, so in effect, when it cures, it's reconstituted stone in a flat form.

Here, the first coat is complete and partially dry.  He'll come back tomorrow to do a second and maybe third coat.  The color becomes much lighter as it dries.  We had a hugely rainy day (again!), otherwise he would have started on the exterior walls.  So far so good!

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