Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday: IT WAS REALLY LOUD HERE TODAY (oh... was I shouting?) (9/10/10)

So this has been a wierd little cedar-lined closet in our basement.  They decided (with our agreement) to widen it into the next room's closet so they could place a doorway into the new part of the basement almost underneath the existing front door.  (I'm willing to bet that sentence only makes sense to me...)  To those who aren't familiar with our house, most of our basement is a "real basement," not a 21st-century, Washington-area finished basement.

When you open the door to the cedar-lined closet, much of the cedar lining is now gone, and they're about to open a door slightly to the right of this shot.

To the right of that cedar, they have demolished/cut the foundation to allow a doorway into the new part of the basement.  (Plywood, or something similar, placed there for the time being, to block the opening.)  Much prior to this photo, I decided that Reuben and I deserved a respite from the noise and vibrations of all the demolition, and had a leisurely (sp?) late lunch on the patio of Foxfire Grille.  These photos were taken after our return...

Same space from the outside, with the new doorway in the near right corner of the photo (guess I won't be going out that doorway anytime soon...).  They're finishing the prep for the foundation pour in the new basement that will be underneath the existing front door and under the new hallway.

Here's what they removed to make that doorway.

Another shot of the sightline (back-to-front), where the new back door (almost all glass) will look down the new hallway through the large window in the front.

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