Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday: Gellen/Carpenter stimulus spending in the cinder block industry (9/15/10)

Somehow, I've apparently managed to block (no pun intended) this day from my memory.  I do recall goofing around helping out a friend who'd just had surgery, but obviously, a lot went on while I was gone.

This is blockwork around the fireplace in the basement, apparently required to support the extended hearth upstairs.

More blockwork on the chimney extensions.

More blockwork on the garden courtyard wall.  The gate and slit openings are taking shape.

This is the inside view of the courtyard garden wall.  Jack is starting to rethink the placement of the "living wall" - maybe it should be on the wall to the left.

This is the access opening from the new little basement area that will be underneath the new hallway, into the 4' crawlspace under the new dining room.  Our neighbor is convinced that this secret little hideaway will be in some future underground railroad.

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