Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday: A bit more garden wall... and some catching up on my part (9/2/10)

Not a whole lot changed this day.

They built this portion of the garden wall.  Again, the other two walls (above photo) were looking kind of freakishly tall to me, but the lower portion to the right here (which is the new dining room foundation) only comes up to the level of the floor in the existing house.  When I realized that, it seemed to fall better into proportion.

Such dramatic changes had previously been taking place outside, that I realized that I hadn't posted some of the changes inside.  They put up new zipwalls downstairs for further dust protection.  Also, they took up some of the flooring where they'll be installing a cement footer to support a new wall going in upstairs.  Reuben just loves barreling down the stairs and into the basement, through this opening...

...then around through this new little zipwall.  It's sort of like going through an old-fashioned haunted house ride.

Also, in the basement, they had dug out this section of hearth and flooring, and laid rebar, for the new chimney/fireplace foundation.

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