Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monday: If I keep going away for long weekends, will they keep getting a lot done? (8/30/10)

It's sort of like when your child goes away to camp for a week and comes back seemingly a foot taller and a year older. It's starting to look like a building... This is where the new carport will be. These walls will eventually be covered with stucco.

I was a bit concerned, because there's supposed to be a large window where the stone meets the new wall. It turns out that they build the wall, then cut an opening for the window. More precise, I suppose.

The courtyard garden will be behind the carport wall. (Sorry to have been so repetitive about these, but until they become more like rooms, it's difficult to visualize - unless you've lived with the drawings for three years, as we have!)

The courtyard garden from the other side.

The new dining room.

This opening is where the new back door will be.  There will be a sightline through the window-to-be, in the front, through the glass back door here, out to the back yard.  This hallway will be Sheila's new running track.

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